Those gulls.

by Those Gulls

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released August 23, 2011

Produced by Peter Zachar and Those Gulls.
Mixed by Peter Zachar.
Mastered by Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering, except "Fox".

All songs performed by Those Gulls.
Lyrics by Andrew Grosvenor.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Your Politics
Oh, we want a new car with a full tank of gas
Slink leather seats, GPS, v8 and alloy rims

Then we need our own lane so we can set it on cruise
150 with a 40, patrolman lets us through

Are you ready to talk politics beyond your city walls?

Now we want to lie down in the fresh cut grass
Each weed has been extracted by the work of a migrant’s hands

Hurry run inside, inside it’s starting to pour
Remotely lock the gate no one is getting in or out... “Let us out!”

You’re getting battered by the typhoon
Submerged up to your roof
Track Name: Zeros & Ones
Zeros and ones
And I’m pushed to the margins
Grey slate ice can’t see the sun
But on that horizon
I think I glimpse your flag

Better hold it high
You better let it wave
Better hurry up
‘Fore end of the day
Better show your face
Let me know you’re mine

Xs and Os
On the perfumed notes
Sent by universal post
And on my reply
Scrawled “can’t take one more night”

Better come here quick
You better save my life
Better hurry up
‘Fore end of the night
Better hold me tight
Never to let go

Flickering light
Is it your light?
I see a light
Then it stops
Track Name: Choke
Build your castle up to the clouds not high enough
Need to see it all
Into the atmosphere air is thin but sight is clear
From here I can watch us fall

Take time to set it up
So when they knock you down
You're on solid ground

Raise the curtain up better with a full house
Together we'll watch our fall

Take time to set it up
So when they knock you down
You're on solid ground

Setting fires with the vile in their hearts
Breathing ash and smoke
They’re going to let us choke
Take time to set it up
So when they knock you down
You're on solid ground

Fuelling fires with the shirts of our backs
Squinting through the smoke
We still see hope
Track Name: Swim With Sharks
In our sea there are roles to play:
Ruling over the reef
Growing rows of fangs

Back on land they survey the scene
Watching steel blue waves parted by our fins

Invest in gills so we can breathe in deep
Oh, moving forward while we sleep

Back on land they can't believe
Circling over head as we begin to feed

With these new gills we can breathe in deep
Oh, moving forward while we sleep
Track Name: Welcome Home
Witness this, I could be new
Put me on the factory floor to be improved

Disgraced my name for you. My limbs, my dreams for you

Common goals there's no excuse
Take us back home again call up a truce

For shame our greed came through. The world succumbed to us

Hypnotised, it could be true
Hold us near your heart again to be reused

Disgraced our names for you. Our limbs, our dreams for you
Track Name: What Better Way
This road keeps winding, descending and rising
And she wants to be renamed

This track keeps bending, and leading and sending
Him empty handed to her

He took the photographs she wouldn’t
While she paints the pictures he can’t
She’ll sing these words that he’s written
I think they both can do that
Track Name: Give Up
Here, write your name. The name your called by your peers, neighbours and enemies.
They came to us and made their case: “foe of our foe is our friend.”
Your luck’s run out, your luck’s run dry. You know it’s time, time to let it go…

Collapse in a heap, you ran all day, you ran all night, sought shelter and disguised your face.
They’ve seen the signs. We’re hunting, we’re onto, on top of you.
You should give up. You should give in to us, to me, my legacy…
Track Name: Say Goodnight
Way past the waterfront, along the boardwalk
We fall away
Is she inscribing this into her history?
We're marching back

It's alright

Back to northern shores; back to the metropol
We're on our way
Hand in hand again, like I was born for this
Hunting my own ghosts

It's alright
She's alight
Hear their choir
Calling out

Safely in command, never the same again
Hides in her summer home
Outside the citadel, crashing the walls in
Here come my ghosts to sing

It's alright
She's alight
Hear their choir
Calling out:

“She arrived, the dividing line
Mesmerised it’s in her eyes
Say goodnight, for this life.”
Track Name: New Light
Healed by the sun
Bathed in new light